Clinton Being Funded Big Time By Billionaires

When Hillary Clinton stands on stage at a debate or at campaign rallies it is easy for her to claim she is the candidate for the middle class when running against a billionaire. It is easy for her to say Trump is only trying to help out other billionaires in this campaign, when this is not at all true.

Hillary is racking up large amounts of cash from America’s billionaires during this election while Trump has relied on private funding as well as small donations like Bernie Sanders did during his campaign.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires index, the Former Secretary of State has collected $21.1 million for her campaign and it’s supporting political action committees from 17 U.S. donors on the index, while Trump has received $1.02 million from 12 members of the group.

U.S. billionaires amount for roughly 3 percent of the $708 million raised by the two candidates in this election so far.

According to Bloomberg, billionaire George Soros is the largest spender among donors on the index, and has contributed a grand total of $11.9 million to Clinton’s race. A Hungarian immigrant to the U.S., Soros is the 17th-richest person in the country with $24.7 billion.

James Simons, who is the co-founder of a hedge fund as well as a former NSA codebreaker, is the second-biggest donor, and has given $7 million to Clinton.


For Trump, the biggest donation from a billionaire is $449,000 from American Homes 4 Rent co-founder Bradley Wayne Hughes, Sr.

Another billionaire Trump donor, Thomas Peterffy, has said, “If we are going to continue on our current progressive course by appointing liberal judges and piling on more regulations and not simplifying the tax code, it will be very difficult to reverse at a later date. We are on a slippery slope sliding towards socialism.”


When Clinton continues to rant and rave that Trump is a billionaire and is only looking out for his own financial self-interest, just remember that Clinton has George Soros in her pocket, and this list of Bloomberg billionaire donors serves as a reminder of all the people Clinton will owe favors to if she were to win this November.


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