Clinton Suffers From Yet Another Coughing Attack

Hillary Clinton and her supporters claim she is perfectly healthy and snub those who believe otherwise. They wonder why the American people are asking questions about her overall ability to lead when she is showing symptoms of having some types of illnesses. She then suffers from two different coughing attacks in one day and proves exactly why these concerns are legitimate.

Immediately after Clinton took the stage during a rally in Cleveland on Monday, she suffered from one of the worst coughing attacks we have seen yet.

Clinton drank some water, tried to regain her composure and in the middle of the worst part of Clinton’s coughing episode, she held the hacking back long enough to say that “every time I think about Trump I get allergic.”

With a hoarse voice, Clinton struggled through the rest of her speech. She continued to cough repeatedly while trashing Donald Trump for not being suited to serve as commander in chief. Based on the appearance of her health during this campaign, it appears the candidate unfit to serve the presidency may be her.

Clinton also suffered a coughing episode on Monday during a press conference aboard her plane. Fox News called it “the second coughing fit she’s had today.”


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