Clinton Team in Panicked Twitter War With WikiLeaks


The battle is getting heated.  Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s email account was hacked – WikiLeaks is exposing it all – and the Clinton campaign is now in a Twitter war with WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks has been hitting the Clinton camp hard, releasing over 2,000 hacked emails Monday, and another big batch again Tuesday morning.

The Clinton campaign keeps blaming it on Russia, and started striking back at WikiLeaks Monday night, accusing them of being a “propaganda arm” for Moscow.

Brian Fallon, Clinton campaign spokesman, even indicated that they email releases shouldn’t be taken seriously – as if they aren’t valid – because they came from an “illegal hack”, and said Julian Assange is “colluding with Russian government to help Trump.”


Trying to turn it on Trump, Fallon said the thing that should cause chills is the “possibility of Trump associates directly coordinating with Russia and Wikileaks.”

Why hasn’t WikiLeaks targeted Trump? Fallon asks.

WikiLeaks responded:



“Allen In Socks” jumped in with their two cents worth, saying “WikiLeaks has more credibility as an organization than any MSM network working for HC. Fact.”

WikiLeaks has promised there’s more to come.


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