Clinton’s Funding of the Private Email Server Revealed – And Yes, it’s Highly Corrupt

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Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state had to be funded somehow. And of course, it’s been revealed that it was paid for by taxpayer money set aside as assistance and aid for former presidents. Titled the Former Presidents Act, the act was created in 1958 to “maintain the dignity” of former presidents after former President Harry Truman had to sell his family farm to avoid “practically” being on relief.

But the important Act has now been abused to fund the Clinton Foundation and its business associates. In fact, Bill Clinton, who since 2001 has requested more than $16 million under the Act, has abused it more than any other living former president.

The Clintons becoming multimillionaire members of the ‘1 percent’ through book deals, speeches and consultancies clearly wasn’t suitable enough for them in terms of using their own personal funds for, well, a personal email server. Instead, IT equipment (including servers) housed at the Clinton Foundation were purchased with funds from the Act.

The Act was not intended for the funding of the Clintons illegal endeavors, it was meant to fund former presidents as they transition out of office in order to avoid a repeat of Truman’s struggle. Time will tell how much Hillary will use in these funds if she’s elected and eventually leaves office.


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