Clinton Makes Final Pitch To Voters In Emotionless Ad (Video)


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton put out a two-minute campaign ad in which she vows to “work my heart out” and be a president “for all Americans.”

In her final pitch to the American people that lacked emotion and seemed robotic, Clinton never mentioned Trump’s name and went on to explain why she believes she should become the next president.

“Our core values are being tested in this election, but everywhere I go people are refusing to be defined by fear and division. . . . Look, we all know we’ve come through some hard economic times and we’ve seen some pretty big changes, but I believe in our people.”

She pledges, “I will work my heart out as president to make life better for you and your family,” adding, “We won’t always get it right, but you can count on this: I’ve never quit, and I never will.”

She then goes on to say, “I think we can all agree. It’s been a long campaign. But tomorrow, you get to pick our next president.”

“Tonight I’m asking for your vote, and tomorrow let’s make history together.”

Clinton’s ad can be seen below:


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