Clinton’s Weak Lead in Spite of Massive TV Ad Spending

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A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Clinton with a 5-point lead in the race for the White House.

According to OANN, “little has changed in weeks as the U.S. presidential campaign wobbles into the heart of summer.  Since July 28, Clinton’s daily support among likely voters in the poll has hovered between a low of 41 and a high of 44 percentage points. She was at 41 percentage points on Thursday, down slightly this week. Trump’s support has moved slightly more, ranging from a low of 33 percentage points to a high of 39 points. He was at 36 points on Thursday, up slightly this week.”

On August 10th ABC reported that Clinton has spent a staggering $82 million dollars more on TV ads than Donald Trump.

Back in June, this figure was reported as even higher from CNN. “The presumptive GOP nominee is being massively outspent on television airwaves: Between Tuesday and Election Day, Trump has reserved zero dollars in television advertising, compared to $116 million from Hillary Clinton and her allies.

Take into account this report goes all the way back to June; non-stop spending on TV ads against Trump, yet they have failed produce any real lead, or any real impact in the polls for Clinton, and here we are in August.

Lastly, consider that most polls have a 3-point margin of error, her 5-point lead simply means that regardless of the astonishing amounts spent, Clinton leads Trump by just 2 points.  Trump, having not spent money on TV ads being ‘up slightly this week’ is good news for Donald Trump.


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