Clown Gets Slammed With A Baseball Bat (Video)

It was only a matter of time before one of these low-life’s dressing up as a clown got beat up for trying to scare innocent people.

Footage of the incident shows a clown holding balloons walk close to a car where a couple of guys were hanging out.


One of the men says “What the f**k is that, bro?” as he spots the clown coming towards the vehicle.

The man tries yelling at the clown to get away, and when he doesn’t move another man gets out of the car with a baseball bat and slams the clown on the side of the knee with it.

After the clown falls to the ground, two men jump in and continue the beating.

One of the men then grabbed the clown’s balloons and the friends headed back to the car. The clown was left laying on the ground.

The person dressed as the clown probably expected people to drive away instead of actually fighting back. He should be happy he was only beat up with a baseball bat since he could have been run over by the car, or even worse, shot.

Maybe the following video will put an end to this growing epidemic in the United States.


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