CNN analyst Anna Navarro made the following statement about President Trump and Sarah Sanders after it was reported that the White House press secretary was kicked out of a restaurant:

“People have seen this president lie and lie and lie and lie… They’ve seen him do outrageous, offensive things. Sarah Sanders, his spokesperson, has become the face of this administration… You make choices in life, and there is a cost to being an accomplice to this cruel, deceitful administration.”


  1. Ana, there should be a “cost” for being a complete idiot too. How stupid do you think the people are? You must not have any common sense or we would recognize it. We are the Republican party. Remember we are the ones with jobs that report to work and do not march around with vaginas on our heads. We are the party that watches the Democrats in confrontations, late- night visits to disrupt family life, marches that are so organized they are not impromptu, vulgar language shouting matches, attempts to ruin someone’s reputation with false witnesses, attempts to have caravans attack our border etc. That is the Democratic party that you obviously belong to. Maybe you should “walk away” if you could afford to. But maybe the extra helps.

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