CNN Cuts Satellite Feed At The Mention Of WikiLeaks

InfoWars put out a video on Wednesday that shows CNN censoring the dirt WikiLeaks has dug up on Hillary Clinton.

On Wednesday morning CNN Host Chris Cuomo asked Congressman Chris Collins (NY-R) what he thought Trump could do in the final debate to prove his character is fit for office.

Collins responded with the following:

“Two thirds of the public know that Hillary Clinton’s a liar, she can’t be trusted and now the two faces of Hillary are coming out – the fact through Wikileaks she says one thing and….”

At the mention of WikiLeaks, Collins’ satellite feed was immediately cut.

After Collins was cut from the feed Cuomo continued his discussion with pro-Hillary Congressman Hakeem Jeffries for two and a half minutes before Collins was brought back on.

Cuomo then immediately steered Collins away from WikiLeaks and the original question he asked him by asking him what case Trump needs to make in the last debate.


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