CNN, Hypocritically, Declares War on “Fake News”

Following Donald Trump winning the election, CNN has joined the ranks of The New York Times battle against “fake news” that is supposedly threatening our country. Taking lead after the Times showcased its readers to numerous fake news stories before the election, CNN has done the same for its own viewers.

However, CNN’s integrity to tackle the issue of fake news stories is rather hypocritical. Literally for weeks before Election Day, countless CNN anchors, reporters, and guests broadcasted to viewers that it was almost impossible for Donald Trump to win the election. “Let’s be clear, Donald Trump will lose the election,” correspondent Fareed Zakaria once voiced on television show GPS. Not only was Zakaria’s statement completely wrong, but Zakaria has been suspended by multiple media outlets for plagiarism.

CNN also made massively false predictions such as the stock market dropping if Trump won, Clinton having a secure “blue wall,” and the influx surge of latino voters in 2016 would change the nature of the election. Again, all these things were reported by CNN, and they were all wrong.

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