CNN suggests Trump is starting WWIII (video)

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On Sunday morning, CNN’s Jake Tapper suggested President Trump may have started World War III by taking action against Syria on Thursday.  Tapper was referring to the president’s decision to bomb a Syrian air base after images surfaced of young children being gassed to death by the Assad regime.

While interviewing UN Ambassador Nikki Haley,  Tapper asked why the president did not believe taking action against Syria in 2013 was necessary after a chemical attack which was deadlier than the one this week.  Haley responded, “Because he wasn’t president at the time.”

Tapper continued to force the narrative that President Trump’s actions against Syria will cause more unrest worldwide.  Tapper asked, “He’s not concerned about this starting World War III?”  Haley said the UN is showing a sigh of relief and that the international community is showing support for the president’s bold actions.

You can watch the interview below:


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