Amid violent protests in Iran, a CNN analyst contended that President Donald Trump should lift the travel ban as it applies to Iran to “send an unmistakable message” that the United States is willing to accept those Iranians who feel persecuted.

In a Monday appearance on “CNN Newsroom,” CNN Global Affairs Analyst Aaron David Miller suggested the action by Trump and was asked by anchor Brianna Keilar if he could imagine the president lifting the travel ban for those seeking escape from Iran.

“I can’t,” Miller responded, “But I mean, it would be to his credit, in order to send an unmistakable message that America’s door is open in the face of what’s happening in Iran, or to work on and with social media companies to ensure that social media, Instagram, Twitter, and the telegram — and the app Telegram — remain open. Forty-eight million Iranians now have cell phones. In 2009, only a million did.”

Politico published a proposed response to the crisis in Iran, which is characterized by Iranians “on the streets voicing fury about corruption, inflation and unemployment … The Iranian clerical regime is a cruel, human-rights abusing, terrorism-sponsoring menace that is destabilizing the Middle East, developing and proliferating missiles and seeking nuclear weapons. It runs an economy so far incapable of capitalizing on the relief of sanctions for the good of its people because it is regime-controlled, socialist, centrally planned and stifling to private entrepreneurship.”

Therefore, according to CNN’s Miller and writer of the Politico report, Daniel B. Shapiro, the U.S. should ensure that Iranians be freed from their brutal and corrupt rulers — by allowing them into the U.S.

Dennis Michael Lynch, CEO of DML News, reacted to a tweet by Shapiro, which promoted his story and suggested that the Trump administration should support Iranians’ human rights and aspirations by considering “ending the blanket travel ban on Iranian citizens.”

“We have people in the US living in tents and you want us to focus on the people of Iran,” Lynch tweeted Tuesday. “Pack your bags and go to Tehran if it’s so critical to you. Meanwhile, its -10 degrees and we got Americans on the streets. Get ur priorities in order.”

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