Cocaine Stash Seized From Mexican JFK Passenger

Look what she hid it in!  An x-ray examination of luggage belonging to newly arrived passenger from Mexico City made customs agent do a double-take.

On April 18, a Ms. Petra Medarda, citizen of Mexico from Mexico City, arrived on a flight into John F. Kennedy International Airport.    While screening her luggage, customs agents noticed something odd – objects concealed within containers.  

They requested assistance from other Customs and Border Protection specialists and escorted Ms. Medardo to a private search room, where they searched her luggage, discovering packages of cocaine concealed within containers of CANDY.

In total, eight bricks of cocaine weighing approximately 10 pounds, with an estimated street value of $175,000 was confiscated.

CBP officers arrested Ms. Medarda and turned her over to the New York Police.   She now faces smuggling charges and will be prosecuted by the Queens County District Court, according to Border Patrol.


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