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Late night host Stephen Colbert announced the “breaking news” during his show Thursday night that President Trump had accepted an invite to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and said it can only mean one thing.

“It literally happened while we were doing the show,” Colbert dramatically told his audience. “I’m not entirely sure what I’m about to say.”

“Tonight we learned about an official invitation from Kim Jong Un to meet Trump,” he went on. “Wow, this can only mean one thing … Dennis Rodman is going to get the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman, who has claimed North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is his personal “friend for life,” and has visited him several times, said in December he wanted President Trump to send him to North Korea as a peacemaker.

However, Rodman was not involved at all in the recent developments and negotiations.

More from The Hill:

Colbert, a frequent critic of the president, also remarked that the meeting between Trump and Kim would allow the two to finally settle an important debate.

“We’ll finally figure out who has a bigger button.”

The CBS host also mocked the president over his statement to ABC’s John Karl Thursday night, in which the president remarked that “hopefully” the media will give him credit for the meeting with Kim.

“I will happily give you credit,” Colbert responded, adding: “Now, how about bringing peace to your own country first?”

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