The San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was in Buffalo on Sunday to play against the Bills. It was the first game in which Kaepernick started for the team.

Keeping consistent with his disrespectful routine which has been going on for weeks, the Muslim quarterback who supports Black Lives Matter knelt during the national anthem. The New York fans did not take his actions lightly.

Before the game fans tackled a blow up replica of the quarterback. And then when he walked onto the field for the first time a fan screamed, “Not even your parents like you.” Then when he knelt a loud chant of “USA, USA” rang out at New Era Field.

The Bills crushed the 49ers 45-16. After the game Kaepernick voiced his opinion about what the fans had to say. He said he doesn’t understand how anyone can say he is un-American for expressing his 1st Amendment right. SEE VIDEOS


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