College Professor’s Conservative Opinions Causes His Suspension

Marquette University — According to Campus Reform, Professor John McAdams has been officially suspended, and is being required to admit guilt for writing his conservative views, which are critical of a staff member of the university, on his personal blog.

University President Michael Lovell stated in writing that McAdams will be suspended without pay until January 2017.  Lovell added that the suspension would be extended indefinitely unless McAdams offers a public admission of guilt within two weeks.

Originally, McAdams was put on paid suspension over a blog post he wrote criticizing another professor, Cheryl Abbate.  McAdams was critical of her for telling students if they argue gay marriage they would be deemed homophobic and thus, she instructed them never to do so.

“Marquette has explicitly said that they’re investigating me for violating Marquette’s guiding values, which are extremely vague,” McAdams told the popular college-geared website “Imagine if the Constitution said you could be put in jail for irresponsible journalism.”

McAdams says he will not apologize and expects to sue the school.

photo credit: Campus Reform

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