College Republicans fight back after Berkeley cancels Coulter speech

University of California, Berkeley, school officials have told Young America’s Foundation, BridgeCal and UC Berkeley Republicans they will be canceling an anti-immigration lecture from Ann Coulter.

According to officials, there were considerable fears over safety concerns. The conservative author was set to appear before students on April 27, 2017 to discuss immigration issues in the U.S.

Milo Yiannopoulos, a former right-wing writer for Breitbart, was supposed to give a speech at the campus in February. However, violent protests broke out in response.

Despite the cancellation, this won’t be slowing Coulter down. “What are they going to do? Arrest me?” Coulter said in a Fox News interview late on Wednesday. “I’m definitely giving the speech.”

The university continues to peddle the notion the decision had been motivated by safety, not ideology. They claim they will attempt to reschedule the event for September of this year.

The Young America’s Foundation released the following statement on their website:

The university, and U-C chancellor Janet Napolitano personally, have revealed themselves to be using taxpayer money for an unconstitutional purpose.  Even after Coulter went along with their ruses and guises to shut down her speech, they simply announced, like Kim Jung Un, that it was cancelled.

We have no intention of acceding to these unconstitutional acts.  The Ann Coulter lecture sponsored by Young America’s Foundation will go forward.

H/T: Reuters


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