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Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) donated hundreds of dollars to two candidates running for state legislator seats who have openly supported QAnon conspiracy theories.

Republican candidates Kevin Bushey and Brian Redmond running for the Maine House of Representatives received $400 each from Dirigo PAC, a political action committee heavily associated with Collins, Business Insider reported.

The article goes on to state the following:

QAnon is a far-right internet conspiracy theory that purports President Trump is fighting a battle against a “deep state” of satanic pedophiles and cannibals.

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  1. First of all there is no such thing as “Qanon”. There is “Q” and there are “Anons”. Two separate entities. Next, Q and the Anons are not a “far-right” Conspiracists”. The movement is not a Conspiracy. It is based on finding the truth and exposing the corruption in government, stopping human trafficking, giving the power back to the people of this country by giving the tools to research for the truth. Instead of relying on the corrupt Main Stream Media to tell us what and how to think.

  2. Thank you Jan for explaining that… makes sense. Wonder why Romney came out and denounced the president for not condemning it then! The president neither condemned nor approved… just said he didn’t know. If you don’t know then what’s wrong with saying that? Romney has something big to hide is my thought… maybe it’s more than his sons involvement with Burisma.

  3. Collins donated hundreds of dollars wow!! Compare that to $70 million donated by the solcialist Soros to help the evil dems win this election!!! Moot!!!

  4. Well if that’s what they’re fighting they’re a good thing to support. I mean.. I agree. And Trump doesn’t need to say anything about it. He needs to stop allowing the media to trigger him.


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