Columbia University Declares War on Trump & Deportations


Columbia University has officially declared war on President-Elect Donald Trump and his plans for deportations of millions of illegal immigrants. By pressure of two student petitions, Provost John Coatsworth will establish CU as a “sanctuary campus.” With plans to protect illegal immigrants from customs officials and enhance the financial aid to these students, Coatsworth sent out the following email:

“The presidential election has prompted intense concern for the values we hold dear and for members of our community who are apprehensive about what the future holds… This university will neither allow immigration officials on our campus without a warrant, nor share information on the immigration status of undocumented students with those officials unless required by subpoena or court order… This is a moment for us to bear in mind how important it is to protect all who study and teach in our community and to defend the institution and the values it embodies.”

Coatsworth also plans to protect students who have obtained a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status from losing employment opportunities. If such an outcome were to occur, Coatsworth claims the school would create a financial aid package as substitutional compensation.

“The Provost’s statement yesterday was very strong in affirming Columbia’s commitment to inclusion and diversity, and to our DACA students in particular,” said Columbia Professor Mae Ngai. “We will continue to work with the University on the implementation.”


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