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On Monday, as America observes civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday with a federal holiday, former FBI director James Comey sent out a tweet to mark the occasion. In his tweet, Comey references the “dark clouds of racial prejudice.”

The tweet comes amid an onslaught of claims that President Trump is ‘racist,’ over his alleged remarks about immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and some African countries.

Comey’s Twitter post reads: “On MLK day, I like to read his Letter From Birmingham Jail, which still resonates. ‘Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away… and in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation…'”

Comey often uses Twitter to to reach his followers with his “insights.”

The Hill reports:

Comey frequently tweets out quotes relating to events of the day.

Last week, Comey tweeted a part of “New Colossus,” the poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, in response to President Trump reportedly referring to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries.”

Trump has faced widespread backlash for the [alleged] comments.

On Sunday, he pushed back against claims he was a racist, saying he is the “least racist person you will ever interview.”

Trump fired Comey last May — a move that helped trigger events leading to special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russia’s election interference and possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Moscow.

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