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Below you will find the comments from Dennis Michael Lynch’s (DML) Facebook page from followers weighing in on recent news stories. DML is founder of DML News App and Please visit his social media pages to weigh in yourself. Never miss a story: download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Help Trump win the election
In his Morning Briefing, DML reported on a speech President Donald J. Trump gave on Tuesday. Trump vowed to sign an immigration executive order, saying, “We’re going to be taking care of DACA.” In DML’s opinion, “Biden is winning this election if Trump signs the order” giving DACA recipients amnesty or a path to citizenship.

DML later took to Facebook to explain that he wants Trump to win in 2020 and definitely does not support Joe Biden, but that many conservatives will see an offer of amnesty or a path to citizenship for DACA recipients as a betrayal. They will not support Trump the same way they did in 2016, and many conservative Americans will not show up to vote. The message (watch it below) was a warning as DML wants to see Trump choose a different path, and get some different advice.

(DML shared additional insight about this during his message to TeamDML members later. Watch a clip here.)

DML Supporter Monique posted a call to action, writing: “Everyone on here needs to send a note to the President:”

LeeAnn said: “I agree with you DML a whole group of Conservatives will simply stay home on election day, and that is frightening.🤒”

“These aren’t ‘kids’ anymore.”
John responded, saying, “DEFINITELY political suicide. Funny how people not knowing the facts on DACA don’t want to listen to the facts. These aren’t ‘kids’ anymore.”

Tina said, “That was the main reason I voted from him in 2016 .. Bc I knew we would not have a USA in yrs to come.”

“We need to care for our people!”
Joan passionately declared, “CLOSE OUR BORDERS PERMANENTLY AND ARM THEM WITH OUR MILITARY – America is struggling and we do not need or want any more illegal aliens, refugees or foreigners – we need to care for our people! End all welfare, governmental aids and “anchor baby” benefits and many will turn around and go home – because that is why most of them want to be here for – the “freebies”! America welcomes LEGAL immigrants – so if a person wants the privilege of living in America, they should apply for legal status or remain in their own country! May God Bless America, our home!”

Others disagreed with DML.

“He knows exactly what he is doing”
Charles said, “Trust me, he knows exactly what he is doing. Everything he has done is for a reason. I seen you disagree about a lot of things he has done. So far all his decisions worked out for the best. He has God directing him. Let him do his job.”

Linda worried, “The way you are slamming Trump makes it seem like you want him to lose, because he is not doing things exactly the way that you want him to. You are turning voters against him.”

“Still voting for Trump”
“I’m still voting for Trump, not happy with him right now, but my vote is going to him,” DML supporter Melanie wrote.

Watch DMLs Facebook live video below:

REPORT: Activist group supporting ‘Angel Families’ blasts Trump’s DACA promise

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  1. I am still voting for Trump! 🇺🇸 Do you want Biden for President and the country to go to Hell? Then sit at home in November and not vote Trump and see where it goes. TRUMP 2020

  2. Trump is better then leg hair Joe. But some people are tired of liars. Others are one issue voters. Independents who voted for Trump on his immigration platform last time may sit this election out. While he has put some effort into his immigration platform, he has back peddled on a lot of it. Those single issue voters were not real pleased with his flip flopping before this DACA crap. An EO may be what turns them off of voting for him completely. I am going to reserve judgement on his EO till I read it. Funny how Trump’s attorneys just argued that DACA was illegal, then he proceeds to do the exact same thing.
    It angers me that the Constitution was violated by Obama with no correction and now Trump is doing the same thing.
    We are officially a banana republic where laws are meaningless and the people in charge can do whatever they want.

  3. I already sent my letter to the
    President. I asked him not to give amnesty to the DACA people that it would hurt him in the election. I also asked him to do something about DeBlasio and Cuomo. I live in NY and they are destroying it.

  4. Look, staying home and NOT voting for Trump is giving a vote to Biden and our country to socialists n worse Marxist’s!! That’s unconscionable!!

  5. Thanx Dml for adding my comment, the very last one. I am very humbled that u listed my comment, thanx again 👍.

  6. I realize that so many of you do exactly what DML says but PLEASE think for yourselves this time, do not stay home and not vote for our wonderful President as he is our only hope from the transformation that the LEFT will rain on us and that change will devastate ALL OF US.

    👍🇺🇸👍TRUMP 2020👍🇺🇸👍

  7. The President has so many against him already don’t become a SHEEPLE. Am not happy about DACA situation, can only hope the President has another game plan that will turn out for the good of America. I’m thankful that he has remained strong since 2015 thru 2020 and continues to stand up for America.

  8. DML does not know everything. He is not privileged to ALL the info going into this or any decision by Trump and there is more to the story than we know.
    Trump is working very hard for us and he has done it even though the left has fought him tooth and nail every step of the way. He has been the best president in my life time and if DML keeps ripping him because he is not doing things exactly the way Dennis thinks he should more people will follow DML and not vote when it is crucial that every person vote. Trump has a way of making things work out even if sometimes it looks like he’s going the other way. God bless our president and God bless the USA.


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