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Yesterday, DML asked people to use the SUBMIT NEWS tab on this website to share their favorite part of the Trump inauguration ceremony.  We received hundreds of submissions.  We will begin publishing as many as we can throughout the day.   Below is a quick look at some of them.   Keep checking back to see if yours is added. If you’d like to submit your favorite moment, please do so by clicking here:

Melinda Allred
When President Donald J. Trump (ahhh love typing President instead of President- elect) said “American United is totally America Unstoppable!” I know Donald J. Trump will Unite America again. It may take some time but I believe the majority of the anti Trump people will come around once they see President Donald J. Trump do what he says and makes America Great Again!

Lorraine Dolence
I couldn’t help but notice yesterday during the introductions, when Obama and Biden were introduced middle initials were used.   When all others were introduced, middle names were used.   Wondered if it had anything to do with Obama’s middle name.  Just curious.

Sid Scheck
Thank you for all you do! I was tearing up watching the inauguration. Great times ahead!

Bettye Huber
I loved the speech President Trump gave , acknowledging Our GOD rules over all & GOD protects us

Emily Casper
We love your Walk & Talks and have been huge fans since we first saw you on Unfiltered! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for calling out Michael Moore yesterday!!!!!!!!! This morning, I turned on the TV to see how many people showed up for the Women’s March on Washington and guess who happened to be speaking??? Yep, Michael Moore.

Maureen Cuttle
I so enjoyed watching obama’s ugly face contort as President Trump skillfully eviscerated him & the entire democratic party in his speech. I was moved to tears as President Trump was sworn in. I sang my goodbye song as I danced with my dogs watching the helicopter fly those 2 devils away……sing with me DML…..Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah,    Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Hey, Hey Hey……G-O-O-D-B-Y-E!!!!!!

Larissa Smith
Last night watching the fireworks and listening to the patriotic music i wept. It was beautiful and made me proud to be an American again. It gave me hope and I know Trump will do a great Job. Today I loved Melania and Ivanka Trump’s outfits as they walked down the steps to the swearing in. Very classy ladies, very classy family. You could see the class as they stood in front of the Lincoln Memorial last night. Donald’s speech was amazing. As he spoke I wept before the Lord and felt the dark spiritual heaviness lift off of my life and my nations life as my POTUS declared there is a new king in town and he will rule like king Hezekiah. Love your walk and talks. You are my main source of news. Please do more news regarding Melania and Ivanka as they become more involved. I understand now why women were fascinated with Princess Diana and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Cindy Savage
My favorite moment aside from the second he took oath was when Rev Graham said the moment Trump started to speak it started to rain and the Bible says rain is a blessing ❤ Amen God Bless America

Amy Pritchett
The sheer depth and breadth of people when the camera panned to the audience. It simply went on and on. MAGA

He hit that speech SO Far out of the park…It’s still going!

Penny Davis
My favorite part was watching him walk in.  He looked like he was ready to get into a boxing ring.  And of course his speech.

Julie Brown
My favorite part of President Trump’s speech was when he mentioned the “Wind-swept plains of Nebraska!”  I felt like he was speaking directly to me! Loved it!

Candice Young
When he talked about the people all bleed the same blood, Also when Melania was walking down the hall to the speech area in her blue outfit, She looked Stunning. chills 🙂  Also when the crowd stated chanting TRUMP right before he cam out. LOVED IT AND LOVE YOU!!

Kim Dawson
My favorite part of the inauguration (see picture)
Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 1.15.06 PM

Michele Ortmann
I was watching Fox News this morning and Mia Love (R – Utah) was being interviewed and she reported that Chuck Schumer was NOT on the schedule to speak at the Inauguration.  She says he went rogue.  Just thought I would share this info.  Enjoyed your walk and talks throughout the day today.  Keep it up DML.

Valerie Lehman
Bikers  for Trump request help on Pennsylvania Ave . ASAP. THEY NEED HELP AGAINST PROTESTERS.

Shirley Leek
What you did with Michael Moore today was fantastic!!!! I have never felt so good in a long time … you were my voice. Now I know for sure he’s been told what I’ve wanted to say to him for a long time! Plus I have never laughed so hard in a very long time and laughter I needed!  Thank you Dennis! I have been with you from your beginning, donated and if you need more I’d be happy to help! Love Harlan too!!! Love listening to him as well!!

Elizabeth Mehert
I am proud to say I was not the only one happy as a clam today at work watching the events if the day.  Most of my co workers wanted to see Bloomberg run,  we all know that did not happen.  I do work with a lot of foreign people, most of Indian decent,  a lot of them were on team Trump even though they will not admit it.  They were congratulating me all day.  My opinion is just maybe it is already starting to happen bringing people together.  God Bless you and your family, God Bless President Trump,  God Bless America,  God Bless all who serve or has served this great Counrty.   God Bless America.

Mary Bonfanti
My favorite part was when President Trump put his hand on the bible and took his oath of office. When he finished, I felt a huge weight lift off of me that has been there for a very long time. I literally had tears of joy. All I could say was thank you God. Thank you for sending us this leader.

Glenda Gary
I’m 54 and this is the 1st time ever (shameful to say) I’ve watched one all the way through. Honestly the way Donald Trump acted and smiling more and thoroughly enjoying himself like I’ve never seen him do before was what I liked the most, his interacting with his family and others and showing how patriotic he is was amazing to see. I know this man loves our veterans. I watched the concert yesterday and I got chills all over and teary eyed just listening to Lee Greenwood and Sam Moore singing about God and America. Toby Keith was amazing too, that guy has concerts in battle fields for veterans and loves our military. I loved the concert, Donald J Trump was loving the show , he was all smiles. Thank you for all your coverage you let us see today, it was great.

Kevin Smithson
My favorite part of the day was running into you DML outside the McDonalds down the street from the White House.  Great work today.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 11.49.43 AMJim Raymond
It was a pleasure meeting you and with my friends from American Bikers United Against Jihad. On Facebook my page is Wild Pigs central mass chapter. Also

Will continue to follow and get new listeners for you. Jim Raymond President of Central Mass Wild Pigs.

Susan Kondas
Just want to thank you for your coverage of the inauguration today! I enjoyed your walk and talk and then when I couldn’t get you anymore I was able to watch the whole thing from my app! Keep up the great work!

Kimberly Moris
During president trumps speech, they showed Obama, he looked like he was pissed and ready to explode. Priceless.

Karla Webb
I LOVED President Trump’s speech!  My favorite part of the parade was seeing how much President Trump was enjoying it.  I am so proud of America!  We have made the right choice.  The rain on President Trump while speaking, I sincerely believe was God’s blessing on the man HE chose!

Marisa-Roberto Castaneda
Hey DML, would you ever do a meet and greet so your fans can meet you?

Andy Pannafino
Can’t wait for your network to get up and running. First- I thought Trump’s speech was outstanding. Second- it bothered me that the media gave  him unfair reviews. They said it didn’t motivate, it painted too dark a picture for the country! And this was FOX News! Can’t imagine what CNN or MSNBC said. Trump painted a true picture of where we are. With Obama at fault.  We are sick of listening to the same liberal spin and lies.

Lisa Boggs
I am so disgusted in this man. I was watching President inauguration on fox… mind you, I don’t ever watch any news network on tv. But today I had to in order to get a better view and sound, then what I would get from my phone.
Pretty much the whole time shep smith was bashing, and taking all kinds of pop shots at Trump! At one point he said,
“no matter what is said and denied, Trump was making fun of the disabled guy…” In hopes to turn everyone against Trump.
That’s when I shut the tv off. He was upsetting me so much and personally I like to see him and his minions get fired!
So much disrespects! Forgive my writing, It’s my Kryptonite…

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 12.03.36 PMLinda Nelson
I opened a bottle of Trump Meritage Wine!  Yeah, it’s a red!  And two spaces between my sentences : )

Bill Hutson
Watching the Obamas fly away. Bye bye … And don’t let the door hit you in the BOTOX.

Susan Brooks
Favorite part of inoguration hard to choose, Michelles hanging lip or Obama’s strained face while Trump spoke of Washington and politicians working for themselves and not for the people…..

Karen Wilson
My favorite part of the inauguration was when President Trump said that the power was coming back to the people.

Jan Blankenship
President Trump’s speech!!! ❤??❤??❤

Marlena Guarneschelli
#1 fav sight was seeing the Obama’s getting in that helicopter and flying off into the sunset!
Also loved seeing Trump and his wife walk up to the podium area moments before taking office.  Amazing feeling as it was a looonngg time coming. A moment filled with hope and the very beginning of making America great again!

Ella Ilyaich
Dear DML! Thank you so much for your fantastic  job,support,devotion and great love to our country,to our people and new President of the United States! Today you did amazing job! I realize it wasn’t easy,it was even dangerous because of different a**holes around…sorry! But you did it very beautiful! Unfortunately broadcast had today very weack connection.. Thank you again! Love you! Stay safe! God bless America! God bless you!!

Kjerstin Berglin
During the prayer and benediction I loved feeling like Gods approval and will made this day possible!!!! Also I loved Trumps Speech where he made it so clear that this is our country and he was giving the power to us!!!!

Angel Morris
Prayed for rain if it was Gods Will, in order to protect Trump whether it was for him to have a shorter speech while out in the public and vulnerable; or defer someone from harming him.  Gods Will Be Done……………
Love you DML

Debbie Sanders
The establishment have cared too long about themselves instead of it’s citizens. Today the power is being transferred from Washington, D.C. and given back to the American people.  Americans come first!

Robin Galley
My fab was watching Trump say in his speech about taking away the power from the establishment and giving power to the people. I’m still want to see the Talledaga band perform because I live in Alabama and am proud of them. I also loved the look on Hillary’s face.

JP Schwartz

The best quote of the inauguration (besides Trump’s ENTIRE speach) came AFTER the speech… When Fox News was commenting. Brit Hume said… Obama’s “legacy can be summed up in two words: Donald Trump.”



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