Company Loses Money Due to Amy Schumer’s Presence in Commercial


Controversial comedian Amy Schumer and actor Seth Rogen are the recent stars to be featured in all new Bud Light commercials. However, the reaction to Schumer’s appearance has been less than lukewarm, and the results have shown it: Bud Light sales have taken a plunge. In their third quarter report, Bud Light attained less than their expected profit.

The last Schumer-Rogen ad received such negative backlash on YouTube that it currently has more than 1,900 “thumbs down,” compared to only 300 “thumbs up.” The comments on the video got so negative and aggressive that at one point they were disabled from the website.

Schumer is a self-proclaimed feminist and social justice warrior, who likes to shove her ultra liberal ideals down others’ throats. Schumer’s attitude on politics has alienated many people over the past few years, specifically her targeted attacks on men and her ridicule of conservatives. Schumer indeed is a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter.

Having a highly unpopular representative as the spokesperson for your product won’t fare well for sales and product output, as Bud Light has clearly seen. Their latest ad, “Labels,” has Schumer address that there are more than just two genders. “From the start of our campaign at Super Bowl, the Bud Light Party has rallied around bringing people together,” said Alex Lambrecht, vice president of Bud Light. “In our newest spot, Seth and Amy remind Americans that labels belong on beer, not people—a message Bud Light proudly supports.”

The video, due to its unpopularity, has been pulled from airing. However, you can watch it on YouTube below:


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