Confederate Monument’s Removal BLOCKED by Judge

“Tearing down monuments is what the Taliban does, that’s what ISIS does – we don’t do that in America.”

Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Kentucky made the decision to remove a confederate monument from city-owned property, igniting protests.  A judge has now blocked the removal, due to a temporary restraining order filed by Everett Corley, who is a Republican candidate for Congress.   

Monument KY2

Those in favor of removing the monument say it honors those who wanted to maintain slavery and that it represets a painful chapter in history.    Corley said it was erected to honor veterans and should remain.    An attorney involved in the lawsuit said the mayor violated multiple laws, including not going through the proper procedures regarding historic places.

The president of the Neighborhood Planning & Preservation group said “We need to understand our history,” and added, “If you bleach away the complexity of our common past, it is difficult to perceive how complicated and horrible things were and remain.”

The backhoe was already in place to dig it up when the judge blocked the removal.  The mayor said he doesn’t want to destroy the monument – only move it to a different location.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer speaks in front of the Confederate monument near the University of Louisville with university President James Ramsey, left, in Louisville, Ky., Friday, April 29, 2016. The Confederate monument capped with a statue of Jefferson Davis will be removed from a spot near the University of Louisville campus where it has stood since 1895. (AP Photo/Dylan Lovan)

(AP Photo/Dylan Lovan)

The attorney for the plaintiffs said, “We expect our elected officials to follow the law. The mayor has not followed the law,” he said. “All we want is a fair hearing, all we want is to let the people know that this is part of our heritage, and you can’t just erase history by tearing down monuments. That’s what the Taliban does, that’s what ISIS does. We don’t do that in America.”


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