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Republican congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida put out a tweet earlier this week alluding to a story that came out of a Dept. of Justice press release late Friday regarding breaking news about an 11-count indictment unsealed on Friday which now connects the dots between a Maryland-based international trucking company and the Obama administration having approved a controversial deal in 2010 which gave Russia control of a large swath of American uranium.

Late last month, Gaetz, a frequent critic of the Russian probe, made remarks during a Fox News interview calling out the “politicized FBI and Department of Justice” as the “biggest alligator” in Washington.

He has also stated that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is “biased” and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should “step up” and fire him before appointing a second special counsel to investigate the Clinton Foundation, according to a report in Newsweek.

“That’s why we’re fighting hard to make sure we’ve got a fair and equal opportunity for all sides to be heard and that you don’t have this pro-Hillary Clinton bias, anti-Donald Trump bias continue to infect our institutions and our systems,” Gaetz said.

On Monday, he foreshadowed Friday’s indictments by tweeting, “Now we have the Little Rock field office, the actual investigators, empowered to look into the Uranium One deal & general bribery allegations for people giving donations to the Clinton Foundation”.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday (below), Gaetz pointed out inconsistencies within the Democrat party that prove something stinks in regards to the Russian investigation.

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