Congressman Issa: Obama “Essentially Jury Tampered” Clinton Investigation

California Rep. Darrell Issa said during a Fox News interview Friday morning that, “President Barack Obama was constantly trying to essentially jury tamper in the Clinton investigation.

Issa’s statement was in response to reports of President elect Donald Trump’s backing off of one of his campaign promises, to go after Hillary Clinton in a criminal investigation.

Issa continued,“I think it’s important that the president … get out of the business of prosecuting,” Issa said. “But at the same time, he’s appointed, or proposed appointing an attorney general who has a long record of doing his job. And so when we look at Jeff Sessions, in concert with FBI and other organizations, they need to do their job. And I think that’s where the balance of this next president is going to come, is in reestablishing the independence of the Department of Justice. If he doesn’t do it, Congress certainly will push for that.”

Issa mentioned that Trump never stated Clinton was innocent and thinks the decision to investigate or prosecute should be left to professionals and should not be something the president gets involved in.

Issa feels, “This new Department of Justice is not going to have a bias from the top that the last one did.”



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