Conservative Leader Gives Up Trump Delegate Slot

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A former chairman of the Wisconsin State GOP says he wants no part of nominating Donald Trump for president, and is surrendering his delegate slot at the Republican National Convention.

Michael Grebe, currently the president of the Bradley Foundation, announced Friday that he will not attend the convention in Cleveland. 

Grebe sent an email to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, saying, “I declined to go to Cleveland and I gave up my delegate slot because I do not want to be part of a process which results in the nomination of Donald Trump.”

He joins a list of other establishment Republicans who have announced they are staying home this year, including former President George Bush, Mitt Romney, and Senator John McCain.

Grebe was campaign chairman and adviser for Governor Scott Walker.

The Bradley Foundation is a non-profit conservation organization.   According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The Bradley Foundation, with more than $850 million in assets, serves as a cornerstone for the conservative movement in Wisconsin and across America, regularly doling out more money to right-wing outfits than all the foundations run by the billionaire Koch brothers.

Establishment leaders forced Donald Trump to pledge that he would run as a Republican at the beginning of his campaign, believing this was a way to eliminate him.   Instead, the American people have chosen Trump as the non-establishment candidate to lead the Republican party, and establishment Republicans are now backing off, some even leaving the GOP themselves because of Trump.




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