Convenience Store Owner Fights Off Armed Robber (Video)


Surveillance footage from a Los Angeles convenience store captures the horrifying moment when the owner risked his life to fight off the armed robber who targeted his store.

The struggle occurred on Monday night at Simons Market in Venice, California when a man shielding his face with a black hoodie pointed a handgun at the store’s owner, Simon Mellor, and the cashier, KTLA reported.

As the cashier went to remove the money from the register, Simon took matters into his own hands. He grabbed the thief from behind, and in just a matter of seconds he was able to push the armed robber out of the store and onto the street.

As the pair continued to wrestle on the sidewalk, Simon attempted to take the weapon away from the robber before he took off running.

“I couldn’t get him to the ground, and he pulled another gun out. I wasn’t happy about that,” shop owner, Simon Mellor told KABC“Neither of us were happy at that point. He ran, and I was like, ‘Okay, he’s got two, I’m not running after him. Let’s call it a day.”

No injuries were reported during the incident, and Mellor told reporters he was frustrated by the attack.

“It’s not worth it, and honestly, if I had caught him, I would have just been like – why?” Mellor said. “I don’t want vengeance on him. I just want him to be a better person.”

A video of the incident can be seen below:


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