COP accused of sexually assaulting girl nearly every week for four years

Earlier this month in San Antonio, Texas a police officer was arrested for sexually assaulting a girl nearly every week for four years, starting when she was 15.

Officer Juan Ruiz-Carrillo, 47, told the young girl he would kill himself if she ever reported him, according to the arrest warrant obtained by the San Antonio Express-News.  The girl finally told a youth pastor at her church about the abuse.

The 5-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department was arrested for sexually assaulting a child.

Police Chief William McManus said Tuesday that Ruiz-Carrillo has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of his case. “There is no one in this police department that is pleased by this or happy about this,” McManus told the paper. “Officers take great pride in their jobs, and no one wants to see an officer who’s been convicted or who’s been involved in something like this remain on the department.”


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