Cop Holds Possible Murder Weapon in OJ Simpson Case For Years

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Who would want to frame a potential murder weapon instead of turning it in to authorities?

For over two decades, the whereabouts of the murder weapon in the OJ Simpson trial remained a mystery.  Now, a new twist to the story has emerged.

TMZ reports that a construction worker supposedly found a knife buried on the estate.  When it was found is uncertain – perhaps during the time the Simpson home was demolished.   The construction worker gave the knife to an LAPD police officer, and told him where he found it.   But instead of turning it in as evidence, the cop took the knife home and kept it.

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After he retired from the LAPD in January of this year, the cop told a friend at the police force about the knife, saying he planned to frame it, and engrave on the frame the case number for the crime.    Outraged, the friend and his superiors demanded the cop turn over the knife.

It is currently being tested, although by now it is rusted and stained.    Will we finally learn the truth?

Simpson could not be proven guilty in the high-profile case, and lack of murder weapon was a key factor.   He is currently in prison in Nevada for a separate crime.



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