Cops Pepper Spray BLM Protesters In Oregon (Video)

Protest erupted on Wednesday at Portland City Hall after a meeting between the City of Portland and the Portland Police Association (PPA) to approve the contract for the police union.

Groups such as Don’t Shoot Portland and Black Lives Matter organized protesters at the City Hall to show their disapproval for the contract that they claim lacks to address police accountability.

According to The Portland Mercury, security officers attempted to evacuate the building and ordered people to leave. When the protesters refused to move, police were called in and formed a wall to push people out of the building.

Things then got out of hand and police deployed pepper spray.

The Portland Police Bureau said in a news release that nine people were arrested in the altercation and one office was assaulted. The PBR also said they received emails “threatening a large-scale shutdown of the transportation system, City Hall and to resist any police response.”

A video of the altercation can be seen below:



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