Cops Walk Out of Minnesota Game Over Players Comments and BLM Shirts

BlackLivesMatter 15 Lynx Players

Four Minneapolis police officers walked off their job at the Minnesota Lynx basketball game Saturday – and they won’t be back.

The off-duty officers were working the game under an independent contract, and everything was fine until the players came out wearing “Black Lives Matter” warm-up jerseys and held a pre-game news conference to denounce racial profiling.  

Four officers working the game walked out, and removed themselves from a list of officials working future games, due to the Black Lives Matter anti-police demonstrations, and the resulting murder of five Dallas police officers last week.

Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Minneapolis Police Federation, said he commended them for walking out.   He said other officers had heard about the walk-out and said they were not going to work the Lynx games in the future either.    “If the players are going to keep their stance, all officers may refuse to work there,” Kroll stated.BlackLivesMatter 16 Lynx Players



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