Couple receives brutal beating by Muslim leaders


A couple in Indonesia was sentenced to brutal caning for engaging in premarital sex, and their punishment was administered in public for crowds and journalists to witness.

In the city of Banda Aceh in northern Indonesia—the only province in the Muslim-majority country that has incorporated Sharia law into its legal system—the couple received 25 lashes with a cane for having sex before marriage.

The woman, hooded and dressed in all white, was led to a stage and forced to kneel prior to being lashed across her shoulders with a bamboo cane.

The state’s sharia code demands that whippings must be carried out with a cane “no bigger than the width of a small finger.”

The man faced his punishment dressed in a white shirt and was allowed to remain standing throughout.

Sharia, which means “the way,” prescribes guidelines for Muslims on how to conduct their daily lives. Divided into four parts, the most controversial addresses criminal punishment, and insists on stoning for adulterers, the removal of a hand for theft, and whipping for blasphemy.

Three additional couples were also punished similarly—with between 23 and 25 lashes—after being found guilty of having sex outside of wedlock, which is forbidden under the law.


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