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As reported on Sunday, former Vice President Mike Pence will not be speaking at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, which starts on Thursday.

Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to be a keynote speaker on Sunday, the final day of the conference.

Pence reportedly was invited to speak, but declined the invitation.

On Monday, American Conservative Union chair Matt Schlapp provided clarification, releasing the following statement:

“Just got off the phone with Mike Pence, who couldn’t have been more gracious about his support of @CPAC. Although he told @mercedesschlapp and I weeks ago he was unable to make it, he wanted us to know how important this weekend is to instilling HOPE in the USA and he will back at it soon.”

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REPORT: Pence declines CPAC invitation, DML responds [VIDEO]

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  1. he is cowards he let it go the good opportunity ,future of all Americans especially believing the constitution or the rule of law especially the integrity of election before the January he did promised to all americans he is integrity of election..Cowards Pence A Great pretender ..check his bank how much China pay him

  2. Pence is very aware that he let down a lot of 75+ million patriots who believe in the constitution. He will be forever trying to make it up to us. Might as well take the fleece off and show the American citizens who he really represents…demwads.

  3. Can you get this to Mister Pence?
    Remember bible quoted!
    Nathen the prophet stood before King David and said “ Thou art the man!!”
    Mike Pence thou art the man!!
    YOU have greatly failed your calling!!!!!

  4. Pence is a out and out chicken shit traitor. He knows if he showed up they’d boo him off the stage. Give it up Pence! As far as “We the People” are concerned…..your done in politics!

  5. I agree with all of the previous comments! I supported Mike Pence throughout his vice presidency but realize that everything he did was self serving. When he failed to step up and defend Donald Trump, he lost my respect and all of his credibility!


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