Crazed Brawl Between Women – See the Videos

Two women brawled in a public beat-down in the middle of a parking lot, where it was all captured on cell phone video. The fight took place in Los Angeles on Friday.

At the conclusion of the fight, the loser of the battling duo started slapping her opponent, and then ripped off a windshield wiper. The other woman had retreated into the passenger seat of a silver Toyota SUV, but then a second woman came out of her own car to join in on the anarchy.

The first woman then jumped into her white BMW SUV and proceeded to use it as a battering ram. “She ain’t playin’!” one onlooker exclaimed with hilarious commentary. “Damn!” At one point a witness cheerfully wished another a “happy birthday,” as if no chaos was unfolding before them.

As the BMW tried to escape the scene, it ran over a fire hydrant. The hydrant combusted and the brawl ended with a watery geyser shooting from the ground.

Videos of the insane brawl can be watched below:

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