Crazed NYC Man Goes After Cop with Meat Cleaver

New York’s Penn Station at 5pm on Thursday got weird and dangerous at the same time when a crazed man went and attacked a police officer with a meat cleaver. The surrounding police officers shot the suspect down with multiple rounds, and an officer was accidentally grazed with a bullet.

An witness claims the suspect became “irate” when he learned that his car had been booted for violating parking. He then surprisingly pulled out a butcher knife and began slashing at the officers before making a run for it. He didn’t make it far until he was shot down.

The officer attacked was off-duty, and was critically injured in the altercation. In critical condition, he and the shot officer were taken to nearby Bellevue Hospital for treatment. The meat-cleaving suspect was also taken to the same hospital. He was described as an “emotionally disturbed person.” He is also in critical condition, according to sources.


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