Creepy Pervert Has Been Having Sex with a Farm Animal

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In the town of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Travis Wagner, 21, has been charged with sexually molesting a miniature pony, court records say. He admitted he trespassed in a local barn with the intention conducting sexual action with the miniature pony. In fact, he’s done it twice before.

According to the police report:

“According to witnesses, a vehicle had been spotted parking near a barn, and the driver was seen going inside for a short time, then leaving. Witnesses noted the license plate and provided the number to the investigator.”

Despite being released on $5,000 bail, the suspect could be hit with a maximum sentence of two years in prison for the charge of illegal sexual intercourse with an animal.

He could also face  burglary charge, authorities say. Being a second-degree felony, the burglary charge is the harsher of the two penalties as Wagner could get up to a ten-year sentence if convicted.


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