Crew of R-Rated Lesbian TV Show Offended By Trump

Crew members of a Netflix TV series about lesbian women in prison are so offended by Trump’s private conversation over 10 years ago about being attracted to women, that they’ve donned new t-shirts expressing their outrage.  

“Orange is The New Black” star Lea DeLaria, posted a picture on her Instagram page with the profanity-filled caption: ‘CAST & CREW OF OITNB SAYS F*** YOU TRUMP.”

Reportedly, the show has 6.7 million viewers, and is filled with R-rated sex scenes… but they’re offended that Donald Trump said the word “pussy” in private.

To express their outrage, they’ve donned orange and black t-shirts with the vulgar message, “Vaginas Against Trump” and put it out on Instagram for all the world to see.

They’re not voting for Trump… instead they’ll support Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate who has aligned herself with and accepted millions of dollars from Muslims who support sharia law.   Under sharia law, their show would not even be permitted to exist.

What these women do not realize is that Hillary Clinton alienates gay women behind closed doors.  Watch the video from Dennis Michael Lynch below.  It’s a Facebook Live session he held on Saturday evening.  He reads an email from the stack of emails Wikileaks released this week.  In it, Clinton’s staffers write a speech called, “Women in the World.”  It includes excerpts about gay women, but Hillary has them remove the comments.


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