PHILADELPHIA – The DNC CONVENTION was a uninspiring snooze-fest on Tuesday. The speeches were dry and lazy.  Each speech was awful — not  a single inspiring moment. The speeches were filled with long-winded stories about Hillary Clinton’s “successes” and warm hearted efforts to make America a better place.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.37.09 PMWith all the support the Democrats receive from Hollywood, you’d think there would be someone behind the curtain yelling, “CUT.”  You’d hope there would be someone on the production team inserting a few moments of pizazz to keep the audience awake.

Because we do not want to bore our readers, we’ve taken the little sound bites worth listening to if you’d like a good laugh. Then again, these videos might make you cringe.  WARNING: Watch at your own risk.

Senator Charles Schumer Offers a LOAD OF BULL

Elizabeth Banks tries to be funny, but comes out looking sad.

Bernie Sanders brother, Larry, cries as he casts a vote for his brother.

Former President Jimmy Carter raves about Hillary

VP Biden says Trump and Pence don’t know what they are talking about…

Terry McAuiliffe slams Trump while praising Clinton

Some guy in the crowd cries when Hillary wins nomination.

BILL CLINTON talking about dating Hillary

MADELINE ALBRIGHT trashes on Trump and pumps up Hillary

HOWARD DEAN replicates the scream that caused him to drop out of the race for president years ago.

BLACK LIVES MATTER owns the DNC Convention hall.

BILL says Hillary the best change agent.


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