Cruz: Career In The Toilet

Ted Cruz’s favorability rating has tanked within the past 30 days, according to Gallup survey, and is now under water. 

Cruz’s image has nosedived over the past couple weeks, while Trump’s image has become more positive.  Republicans’ views of Cruz are now the worst in Gallup’s history of tracking the Texas senator, reports Gallup.    “The last few days have marked the first time we have seen Cruz’s image underwater since we began daily tracking in July.”  

Cruz’s favorable image among Republicans peaked at 61% in January, was still at 50% the beginning of April, but now has plunged to only 39%.  

His unfavorable image among Republicans was at 15% in January, and has risen to 45% currently. Visual_Gallup_Cruz 050216

The most drastic changes occurred about two weeks ago – both for Cruz, and also for Trump, whose favorability ratings are soaring and his unfavorable rating has dropped.  

Trump’s favorable image among Republicans is now at 59%, and unfavorable rating is at 35%.Visual_Gallup_Trump 050216



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