Cruz, Rubio Team Up In Race To Grab Arkansas Delegates From Trump


Old rivals unite in joint effort to stop Trump.

Rubio is out of the race, but his supporters aren’t.  They have joined forces with Ted Cruz’s team in order to scoop up delegates who will turn against Donald Trump in the event of a contested convention. 

Trump won the Arkansas Republican primary on March 1 with 32.8 percent of the vote, compared to Cruz’s 30.5 percent and Rubio’s 24.9 percent.   But with Cruz and Rubio delegates combined, they stand a very likely chance of taking ALL the Arkansas delegates from Trump in a delegate election.

According to the Washington Examiner, Bart Hester, a top Rubio organizer in Arkansas, said he’s filling Rubio’s delegate slate with individuals committed to opposing Trump in Cleveland. “I would certainly hope it would be someone who has a leaning toward Cruz rather than Trump,” Hester, a state senator, told the Washington Examiner on Monday.

Cruz’s Arkansas co-chairman, State Rep. bob Ballinger, said, “I’ve got a great working relationship with the state director for Rubio and I think generally what we’re looking for is about the same.  We’ll be working together to make sure the right delegates are selected.”


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