Cruz’s Target Base Never Rallied To His Cause

He was doomed to defeat, an NBC exit poll shows.  Here’s what happened…

Senator Ted Cruz was counting heavily on the very conservative and evangelical voters, but, according to NBC exit polls in 26 states, Cruz never completely won this group as a needed majority in order to defeat Donald Trump. 

Ideally the very conservative, very religious voters are the very people he expected to appeal to.  The one “nitch market” he was targeting failed him.

Among VERY CONSERVATIVE voters, who make up one-third of Republican voters in states voting so far, Cruz only won 42 percent of their support.

On the other hand, Donald Trump – despite somewhat deviating on certain conservative issues – stayed extremely competitive with very conservative voters, winning 36 percent of of their votes across all states, reported NBC News.



Among the VERY RELIGIOUS, white evangelical voters, who make up nearly half of Republicans who voted so far, Cruz only gained 34%, with Trump actually BEATING him at 39%.


Cruz continually spoke of moral values and Christian values in his campaign, and often claimed that Trump did not support the constitution and that he was not a true conservative.

It backfired on him.


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