Cuban Claims Trump Inappropriately Hit On Two Of His Friends

Ahead of the debate on Wednesday night Rudy Giuliani and Mark Cuban were live on CNN with Erin Burnett talking about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

After much heated arguments between the two Burnett brought up the accusations of sexual assault against Trump. Giuliani came to Trump’s defense and denied that any of the alleged incidents took place.

“I’ve known him for 28 years, I’ve never seen him do anything remotely close to that,” Giuliani said. “I have known men who are touchy, feely. I know men who sometimes seem to act inappropriately in the way they touch or handle women. I don’t like it, but Donald Trump is not one of them.”

Burnett then claimed to know a woman who was mistreated by Trump, Cuban said the same as well.

Cuban countered Giuliani’s argument by saying that he personally knows two women in addition to the nine who have come recently forward against Trump.

Cuban claimed to know two women who aren’t going to come forward against Trump, but said one woman was hit on by Trump in a massage room in 2000 and the other one said Trump made a rude comment in an elevator two years ago.

The exchange between Cuban and Giuliani can be seen below:


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