Cuban foreign minister responds to Trump’s sanctions

Following President Trump’s new policies unveiled last week with regards to Cuba, the country’s foreign minister had a tough first response.

President Trump said Friday to a group of Cuban exiles in Miami, “Now that I am President, we will expose the crimes of the Castro regime.”

“These measures reinforce our patriotism,” said Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, adding, “We have the patience, the resistance” to wait out Trump.

Rodriquez made the remarks Monday from Vienna, Austria, while he was on an European tour.

However, Trump isn’t rolling back all of the changes made by former President Obama, as the direct flight service will remain.

Transactions by Americans and US companies which would benefit the Cuban military will be banned. Trump said on Saturday, “We will very strongly restrict American dollars flowing to the military, security and intelligence services that are the core of the Castro regime.”

Rodriquez claimed Cuba has “no intention” of caving in to Trump’s demands, including deporting US fugitives who have sought haven there. He called the fugitives “fighters for civil liberties” and said they would not be returned to the United States.

Senator Marco Rubio elaborated on President Trump’s new stance on Cuba in the following interview:


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