Custard Shop Owner Says English-Only Rule Is Not Racist

A Hispanic customer is raising a stink because he couldn’t place his order in Spanish.

Customer Joey Sanchez heard the man in line ahead of him try to order in Spanish, and the employee behind the counter said she wasn’t allowed to speak Spanish to him.  So when it came his turn, he tried it, with the same result – employees are only supposed to speak English to customers at this custard shop.

Sanchez posted his story on facebook, and he’s getting a lot of attention – while Leon’s Frozen Custard is catching a lot of flack.  Some customers are threatening to boycott the restaurant, calling him a racist.

Owner Ron Schneider insists he is not racist – his wife and children are Hispanic.   But he has had the English-only rule in place for a decade, and believes since this is America, people should speak English.   We can’t be the United Nationals,” Schneider told the local news.

Leon's Frozen Custard 5

At night, the American flag sign lights up brightly atop the restaurant’s logo, and ice cream cones are wrapped in patriotic paper.

Reports the Washington Post, “Leon’s has been family-owned and operated in Milwaukee since 1942, according to its website. The shop’s custards are made fresh daily. It has been featured in travel guides and magazines and in several TV specials.”

Sanchez says the restaurant needs to show a better heart toward the Hispanic community.



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