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Impeachment will likely move forward today.  This is the Democrat’s only chance of winning 2020.  The idea is to weaken Trump’s chances with Independents and women who lean more towards the issues than the candidate.  So what can you do?

During the Team DML Meet & Greet on Oct 26, veteran Lauren Price told the audience that she visits the White House and speaks with people who confirm the effectiveness of the DML messaging.  Meaning, my videos bear great impact on the White House and base.

We need to get my films out to the masses.  So there are two steps you can take.

Our film on homelessness is on Amazon Prime.  If you’ve watched the film already, please go into your Amazon account and search UNITED STATES OF TENTS.  Give it a 5 star rating and tell people why they should watch the film.  If you have not watched the film, please go to Amazon Prime and give it a watch and review.

Most Americans do not have a Amazon Prime account, and so they need to see our films on DVD.  We have a $50 deal that is tailor made for getting the films out to people in mass numbers.  Today, you can get 3 copies of each of my immigration films and the homeless film.  You get:
(3) They Come to America 4
(3) They Come to America 3, 2 and 1 (Trilogy)
(3) United States of Tents

DO NOT miss the opportunity to hand these out to Independents and conservatives.  Remind them of the issues and what happens to these issues if the Dems win 2020.  If this doesn’t convince they folks to vote for Trump 2020, nothing will.  Please help us help you!


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