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RIO –  For the past few weeks, athletes have been warned about the pitfalls of the Summer Olympics in Rio.  The chances of being bit by a mosquito with the ZIKA virus is high.  Then there are the disgusting water ways being used for aquatic events — the waters are filled with dead bodies, dead fish, dead animals, and toxic garbage. Swimmers are warned to swim with their mouth shut to avoid catching an array of dangerous viruses.  But the biggest concern is the violence.

For months, athletes, media, and ticket holders were warned about the violence in Rio and how it would tarnish the Summer Olympics.  The warnings were proven true as two people were killed by gunfire near Olympic sites in Rio, Brazil on the Games’ opening day on Friday, police reported.

A woman was killed by muggers while she was driving by the main entrance to the Olympic Boulevard, Reuters reported.

The 51-year-old was attacked by three men.  One of them shot her in the head after she attempted to escape.

On the same day, a robber was gunned down by police near the Rio Games’ main venue, the Maracana stadium.

The tensions in Rio intensified when the bomb squad carried out a controlled detonation near the finish line of the men’s Olympic cycling road race course in Rio on Saturday.

A back pack, which likely belonged to a homeless man, was blown up, in accordance with protocol, police said.

Some 85,000 troops and police officers are involved in providing security at the Games in the city of Rio, which is known for its high crime rate.


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