This day last year Newsmax pulled DML off the air during live program


Written by Dennis Michael Lynch  

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, we don’t know the reason until later in life, and perhaps, for some, the reason is never revealed. But make no mistake, everything happens for a reason.

I’m by no means a holy roller, but I do believe God wanted me to get as far away from the founder and CEO of Newsmax, Chris Ruddy, as possible.

On August 8, I wrote about the monologue that led to being censored on Newsmax TV, despite being the number one show on the network. And as we learned with Bill O’Reilly, ratings don’t matter when the network wants you gone. But unlike O’Reilly, I wasn’t accused of sexual misconduct by an army of women. I think it’s obvious, I was silenced by a 7-figure Clinton donor for revealing the truth. If you want the eerie details, click here — trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

On August 10, I took to my program at 9 p.m. EDT knowing the odds were pretty high that Ruddy would pull me off the air for good.

Harlan Hill, the political commentator who had appeared on my program numerous times, and who since became a friend and member of the re-election team for President Trump, broadcast my last monologue in a Facebook LIVE session. Thus, while I aired on national television, I was also airing on Facebook until Ruddy pulled me off the air (see the link to the video below). The screen actually went black.

My face suddenly disappeared and a black screen took over until they cut to a commercial a minute later. If you want to see what it looked like on TV, click here to see the small clip posted on Mediate. I’d point you to a Newsmax YouTube page, but Newsmax pulled all my episodes and puts in a copyright claim with YouTube and Facebook whenever a person tries uploading a copy.

I always seem to be a little ahead of what’s coming. Thus, I think my monologue from a year ago says it all when looking at the media today. (You can read the monologue below.)

Today marks one year since Newsmax pulled me off air and, in my opinion, breached its contract with me.

Anyhow, at the very bottom is the link to the video Harlan Hill captured from that evening. The odds are that Newsmax will have it pulled from YouTube today or tomorrow … who knows. But even if they do, the words will live on because I’ve transcribed them here for you to read. I hope you’ll take the time to share.


        When you see the inner bowels of the media like I do, you understand how the narrative flows. A little twist here, a little twist there, and suddenly the narrative no longer holds the truth. It vanishes into thin air.

        The result of this sort of voodoo reporting provides an injustice to the American people. It waters down the truth into something that no longer exists. So, that’s why many average Americans live to regret their vote.

        Without the truth, you cannot make an informed decision. When it comes to Hillary Clinton, the truth is barely told. And if it is told, it’s done so in a manner that leaves the viewer thinking: “That Benghazi thing, what a tragedy. I wonder why that happened?” The result: Hillary Clinton gets off smelling like a rose.

        But when it comes to Donald Trump, or whoever the Republican candidate is, the mainstream media absolutely destroys them.  ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC: They create crazy sound bites. They twist words, they put in shades of gray and, in some cases they actually edit out words in order to hide the real message.         

        I can tell you this about the media: When you take a look at Fox News, their highest rated show is “The O’Reilly Factor.”   Bill gets about three million viewers every single night. But when you take a look at the top news shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC, they collectively get thirty million. We’re at such a disadvantage. (DML pauses)
        I’m going to go off script here for a moment.

        I lived 9/11. I stood at the bottom of those towers and I watched my fellow Americans jump from 80 stories. On that day, I changed the course of my life. I left the world of business and entered into filmmaking.

        I went to the southern border with my camera. I got into immigration and national security and the things that I found were so disturbing. I can’t forget the things I’ve seen, and I can’t forget the people I’ve met.

        That’s why Donald Trump is true to his word when it comes to immigration because when you meet these people you can’t back off it.

        I want to show you something; it’s something I’ve shown you before. (DML holds in his hand a cross).  It’s an iron cross made from the bent steel that once was the World Trade Center.  The cross is from Mrs. Cain — she’s the mother of George Cain — a fireman who died on 9/11. He’s a hero who went into the buildings when other people were rushing out. He went in to save people he did not know because that’s what heroes do.

        So, after I finished interviewing her for my film, “They Come to America II,” Mrs. Cain hands this cross to me. She looks me straight in the eye and says:

        “Dennis Michael Lynch, don’t you ever stop what you are doing; don’t you ever stop telling the truth; don’t you ever stop putting out there what people need to know, no matter what the cost is. As long as you do that, you will have three thousand angels watching over you for the rest of your life. And the only way that stops is if you ever stop telling the truth.”

        That’s when I asked her to please come on Sean Hannity’s TV show on Fox News with me. She agreed. Sean gave me an hour to promote the film.

        During her interview with Sean, Mrs. Cain said something to him that will stick with me forever. She said, “Dennis Michael Lynch is the only person who puts his money where his mouth is.”
        That being said, regrettably, odds are this will be my last night hosting Dennis Michael Lynch: UNFILTERED. I have come to the point where I can no longer sit at this desk and say to you, “It’s all unfiltered.”

        I have been here for almost eight months and from day one, this show has been number one. There has been no close number two. That is not a slam on my other colleagues here. It just says how popular this show is and how thirsty the American people are for the truth.

        I have delivered the truth without any hesitation, without any fear of what could happen to me the next day. 

        That being said, fighting for Trump like I have these eight months hasn’t been easy. I don’t fight for him because I know him or I like him; I’ve never met him—and he upsets me from time to time like he does everybody else. But I do it because fighting for Trump also means fighting against Hillary Clinton.

        I do believe if Hillary Clinton is the president, we will witness another 9/11. Maybe this time it will be the Sears Tower in Chicago falling down, or the Empire State Building, or a school filled with children blown up. I don’t know what it will be but it will happen. So, I will continue to fight to make sure that she does not get the presidency.

        But I have felt as of late that I have been restricted.  For example, I’ve been restricted from interviewing the people who I know want to come on this show to provide the American people the information you need to know about Hillary Clinton.

        And then this morning I was told that I will no longer have editorial discretion on what happens on my show. I will no longer have the full rein of the topics chosen. It will all be chosen for me like the other shows.

        Furthermore, I’ve been told that I am going to be handed pre- made news packages. Those packages will come from our Florida office. One of them played last night in my absence.

        My team tried to stop it from airing because they knew that I would be upset. They were correct. When I watched it last night, I was sick to my stomach because the package was a hit piece targets at Fox News — highlighting the sexual harassment claims. 

        There is no room on my show for that sort of news. Right now, we’re in the biggest presidential election of our lives. You want this show to deliver the news that helps you cast an educated vote, so you can share my clips on Facebook and say: “This is Dennis Michael Lynch and he is telling it like it is.”

        Just to demonstrate how popular my show is on social media, Newsmax TV has had a You Tube channel for eight-and-a-half years. They have on there 23,000 videos that have collectively grabbed about 20 million views.

        I have been putting my clips from this show on Facebook, maybe one a night; sometimes I don’t post anything at all. In the eight months I’ve been here, my hundred or so clips have collectively grabbed 60 million views.  And that’s because people want to share the truth.
       That clip played here last night about FOX News — I wouldn’t have played it.  I know FOX News is not perfect. But what is?

        When I look around, FOX is the only other guy in the room trying to fight for the same things I am fighting for. And that is the future of my children.

        FOX News has been very good to me; they have been very good for Conservatives. They are not perfect, but they are the only people who are on our team. So, I am not going to have my name put on clips that try to destroy another network, especially right now when the media is trying to destroy Donald Trump. That is absolutely absurd!

        Tonight, they want me to play another package about FOX, this one is about Roger Ailes. Well, I’m not playing that. They are going to have to hit the play button without my name attached to it.

        Every night when I say goodnight to my children I do so knowing they can close their eyes and be proud that their father is a man of integrity.

        So, I asked the question at the beginning of this DML clip: “Has everyone lost their integrity in the media?”

        The answer to my question is “No.” I can guarantee you that one man cannot be bought, one man cannot be controlled, and this man certainly cannot be filtered.

        I want to say to everyone here at Newsmax, especially to my team who has worked hard for me, — I’m a hard guy to work for, I drive a tough bargain because I want perfection — they have done an amazing, amazing job. I haven’t told them this as often as I should.

        It’s not easy to say goodbye to a show with your name on it, especially when you have worked as hard as I have to get to this point.

        But it is what it is, and I am proud of what I just did and what I just said.  Allow me to interview my guest…


At that point, just as I was about to introduce Harlan Hill, the control room pulled the plug on my show. Viewers at home saw nothing but a black screen for 45-seconds, and then a commercial was aired. When the commercial break ended, the viewers saw a rerun of the show from the night before when I was out. 

The Facebook Live stream continued. Thousands of people watched me and Harlan Hill get kicked out of the studio. 

Chris Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax often touts the company as a bastion of conservatism. But I’m not sold. We’re talking about a guy who dumped his most successful show 24-hours after I vowed to fight against Hillary Clinton.  Why would a conservative do such a thing? Well, if you visit the Clinton Foundation website, Ruddy is listed as a donor who has given between $1,000,000 – $5,000,000.   

CLICK HERE to watch the video

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