De Niro Encourages Protesters. Compares Trump Win to 9/11

Last month, the award-winning actor Robert De Niro appeared in videos and advertisements slamming Donald Trump.  Ultimately, the “Raging Bull” actor said he’d like to punch Trump in the face.   Based on Tuesday’s election results, De Niro’s worst nightmare has come true: Donald Trump was elected president.

During an interview about his upcoming movie, De Niro gave praise to the anti-Donald Trump rioters who are causing havoc in major cities across the United States.   The 73-year old liberal said the election results have left him “depressed” and he now feels the same way he did after 9/11.

“How am I doing? I’m very depressed,” De Niro told reporters.

“I feel like I did after the World Trade Center was attacked.  I’m stunned.  But we’re going to have to wait and see.  I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and we’ll see what happens. We have problems domestically and internationally and we need a grown-up for that.  We have to just wait and see how things go and keep our eyes ever vigilant on the new government. We’re watching.”

Asked if he thought the protests were an appropriate response to the outcome of Tuesday’s election, he replied: “Yes, absolutely. Things aren’t being done right.”


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