Deadly Snake Scares Passengers Aboard Mexican Flight (Video)

While on an AeroMexico flight to Mexico City, passengers came into close contact with a venomous five-foot long viper.

It is unknown how the snake managed to get onto the plane, but it shocked passengers when it decided to drop down from an overhead storage compartment.

A university professor named Indalecio Medina, managed to capture a video of the snake that is now going viral. Medina posted about the incident on Facebook and Twitter saying, “The flying snake…  ha ha ha. A unique experience on Aeromexico flight 231 from Torreon to Mexico City.”

Medina said he helped capture the snake with a blanket, and the flight was given permission to make a priority landing at the airport in Mexico City so animal control could remove the deadly snake from the plane.

On social media he added to his original post, joking about the incident that occurred:

“I had to catch it with a blanket and obviously we gave it some magazines to read for a while.

“The snake arrived alive and kicking, frightened but without having paid its airfare.

“And best of all, priority when it came to landing and animal control experts waiting for the unexpected traveler.”

A video of the snake can be seen below:


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